Ten of the Best Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyers

Who is the best criminal-defense trial lawyer in Houston? I suspect that if you asked a hundred of my colleagues, a few would humbly name someone else, but the vast majority of them would identify themselves. I hate to sound cynical, but still: Especially if they thought there was a buck in it for them. And they might actually believe it.

This is not necessarily unhealthy—trying criminal cases is not an occupation for those with weak egos—but the truth is, as always, more complicated. And we are here for no other reason than to give you the truth.

The truth is that Houston is fortunate to have a large community of great criminal-defense lawyers; the top Houston lawyers compare favorably to lawyers anywhere else in the United States (or the known Universe, for that matter). But there is no one “best” criminal-defense lawyer in Houston or elsewhere. There is a best lawyer for your case, but the best lawyer for that case wouldn’t be the best lawyer for another person, or even necessarily for another accusation against you.

The trick is finding the lawyer who will be best for your case. That is all that matters.

At Bennett & Bennett we don’t see our colleagues as “competition.” We are not desperate for business, and we know that the better informed the clients, the better for the clients, and for us (instead of “come see us first,” I like to say Come see us last.).

With all of that in mind, we present here links to ten other Houston criminal-defense lawyers’ Avvo pages. The lawyers presented are all very different — different practice niches, different personalities, different strengths, different weaknesses — but all are among the best. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I have referred clients to all of them, and I wouldn’t refer a client to someone who I didn’t know was up to the job (links open in new window):

There are many great Houston lawyers not on this short list. The city is crawling with criminal-defense talent. We’ve had several generations of great leadership (at least since Percy Foreman), each inspiring the next generation to be the best. We’ve also historically had a strong District Attorney’s Office, and iron sharpens iron. You can find Houston criminal-defense lawyers trying criminal cases across the country and, indeed, around the world (several of the lawyers representing the accused in war-crimes tribunals in the Hague and Arausha, Tanzania, are Houstonians).

One of our colleagues thought this was a link exchange. If you follow the links, you will see that it is not. But it’s understandable that other criminal-defense lawyers would assume that there is some reciprocality going on here, rather than generosity to the client. After all, how many criminal-defense lawyers are confident enough to encourage you to shop around? (If you talk with Norm or Neal or Bill or JoAnne or Tyrone or Jay or Jim or Mark or Jed or Grant, please ask them why they aren’t.)