Court-Appointed Lawyers

Some lawyers who defend the indigent — especially public defenders — are heroes of ours. They’re overworked and underpaid, but they do a terrific job of representing the oppressed.

Indigent Defense Lawyers: Blessing or Bad?

Houston criminal defense lawyers - Mark BennettIf you’re appointed a lawyer in a criminal case in Texas, your court-appointed lawyer may be an incompetent hack, or he may be a truly outstanding attorney. Some of the best criminal-defense lawyers in Houston represent indigent defendants (Mark took court-appointed cases in state and federal court for years, and did the same excellent work for them as for his hired clients).

By the same token, if you hire a lawyer for a criminal case in Texas, your retained lawyer might be either a fine attorney or a bungler.

It’s Best For You to Choose Your Attorney

One major difference between court-appointed counsel and retained counsel, though, is that you can’t choose your court-appointed counsel. You get what the judge gives you. And people are almost always happier when they have counsel of their choice than when they have counsel thrust upon them.

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About Court Appointed Lawyers

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