Don’t Hire Bennett & Bennett If…

So you’re looking around trying to find a criminal-defense lawyer, and you’re wondering, “why should I hire these folks?”

Maybe you shouldn’t. The fact is that no criminal-defense lawyer is best for every case. There are hundreds of good criminal-defense lawyers in Harris County. One of them might be better for your case than us. It’s hard to tell whether we’re a fit for your case until we’ve sat down and talked face-to-face. The lawyer-client relationship is all about communication.

Before we make an appointment to talk face-to-face, though, I can give you four reasons not to hire Bennett & Bennett:

Legal Fees: You Want a Cheap Lawyer

The leading reason that people, after meeting with us, don’t hire us is money. Price shoppers never hire us. We set our fees according to what we think we’re worth, and it turns out that that’s more than most lawyers charge. In fact, if you call for a price quote I’ll probably tell you, “more than anyone else is going to quote you over the phone.” Those other lawyers may be charging what they think they are worth too, and I might even agree with them: it’s what they’re worth. The advantage to you of paying us a bigger fee is that we can take fewer cases and give more attention to each.

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You Need the Faith of Your Lawyer

Don’t hire us if i’s important to you that your lawyer believes you. Whether we believe you does not affect how we defend you. Whether you did it does not affect how we defend you. So we are not going to take your word for it.

If you tell us you didn’t do it, we’re going to hammer on your story as though we don’t believe you, and try to find ways to prove you wrong, because that’s what the prosecutor is going to do, and you do not want your lawyer to be surprised at trial. If you are telling the truth, it’ll hold up to our hammering; if it doesn’t, we’ll figure out how to tell the truth to get you the result you need. You want lawyers sharp enough that you can’t fool them, don’t you? (I wrote more on this topic here.)

You’re in a Real Hurry

Fast results are usually not good results. Time is usually the defendant’s friend. If there is some externally imposed deadline (“I’m scheduled to leave for Mars in six months”) we can work within those deadlines, but if you just want to get it over with, you can find a much duller scalpel for a lot less money.

You Need to be in Charge

Our clients get to set the goals of representation (exoneration? a reasonable deal? a misdemeanor instead of a felony?), whether to plead guilty, whether to have a bench or jury trial, whether to testify, and whether to ask that the judge or jury set punishment if necessary; beyond those decisions which are explicitly the client’s we decide how best to pursue those goals. Houston criminal defense lawyer Mark Bennett

We’ll take into account your ideas, but if you are the sort who needs to micromanage his doctors, lawyers, and plumbers, you aren’t going to be very happy with who makes the bulk of the decisions in your relationship with us.

If you’re willing to pay a premium for someone who will not treat your story as the gospel but instead will painstakingly take the time to seek the truth that is most helpful to you and then tell that most-helpful truth in the way that more than twenty years of experience tells us is most likely to be effective, give us a call.

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