Videos of Attorney Mark Bennett in Action

Lots of lawyers have carefully produced videos on their websites. We get that — we used to as well. However, a carefully produced video, filmed in a comfortable studio, with opportunities for retakes, fail to accurately reflect what trial and appellate lawyers actually do. Oral advocacy requires that the lawyer have a comprehensive command of the facts and the law, and think fast on his feet — traits that don’t come across in a slick video.

The only way to know what a lawyer is capable of is to see him in action. With that, the best advertisement for Attorney Mark Bennett’s work is to show him in action. Although trial courts do not generally record lawyers’ work, courts of appeals often do. Below are four videos of Attorney Mark Bennett arguing First Amendment cases.

Mark Bennett in the Georgia Supreme Court

Mark Bennett Argues a 1st Amendment Case.

Mark Bennett in the Georgia Supreme Court, Again

Attorney Mark W. Bennett… In Action