Assault Cases

Attorneys Mark & Jennifer Bennett are able to help you if you’re facing criminal charges related to assault in Houston. Since 1995 our legal team has defended your loved ones and neighbors in the court of law.

We’ll Advocate on Your Behalf

If you had good reason for committing an assaultive offense and we’ll make that clear to the court. If you didn’t have a good reason to commit an assaultive offense we’ll make sure the court understands that people make mistakes, and can change without having to be locked away in a prison cell. If you need to learn more about the various forms of assault as defined by Texas law feel free to review the pages linked below.

If you need to schedule a consultation with our legal team about a criminal charge you’re facing, call our Downtown Houston office at 713-224-1747.

The Defense Lawyers for Assault Cases

Bennett & Bennett

Assault on a Public Servant

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Aggravated Assault Cases

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Houston Domestic Violence Cases

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Houston Hit & Run Cases

If you didn’t know you hit anyone you’re innocent.

Work With an Experienced Legal Team

Attorneys Mark & Jennifer Bennett are respected criminal defense lawyers and pride themselves on being among the best trained lawyers in Houston. Since 1995 the firm has been more than instrumental in keep hundreds of Houstonians free from bondage, and helping innocent people avoid convictions. We’re experienced lawyers encourage you to call us if you need us.

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