Meth Possession

Meth possession, distribution, or even being in possession of the chemicals used to make the drug, is a felony criminal offense in the State of Texas. In Houston and surrounding areas, meth arrests are on the rise as law enforcement attempts to stem increases in the use, manufacture, and sale of the drug.Houston meth offenses

A person that’s found to be in possession of anhydrous ammonia, mass quantities of pseudoephedrine, ephedrine, or metals extracted from lithium batteries, could be subject to felony drug charges in the State of Texas.

With law enforcement being privy to reports of certain purchases made by private individuals, many unlawful arrests of suspected manufacturers of methamphetamine are executed.

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Meth & Texas Law

Depending on chemical composition and intent, meth is listed under both Texas Drug Penalty Groups (PG) 1 & 2. Regardless of chemical composition, and with intent being largely subjective, any offense involving meth in Texas is a felony charge.

Criminal Penalties Associated with Meth Convictions

If a person is convicted of a drug crime involving meth, the severity of the penalty, assuming the defendant is found guilty, is determined by the quantity of the drug associated with the charge and any previous related criminal background on part of the defendant. See the chart below for a rough idea of the criminal penalties associated with meth convictions in Texas.

Weight Class Penalty Max Fine
Less than 1 Gram
State Jail Felony 180D - 2YR State Jail $10,000.00
1 - 3.99 Grams
2nd Degree Felony 2 to 10YR TDC $10,000.00
4 - 199 Grams
1st Degree Felony 2 to 20YR TDC $10,000.00
200 - 399 Grams
E. 1st Degree Felony
10 to 99YR TDC $100,000.00
Over 400 Grams
E. 1st Degree Felony
15 to 99YR TDC $250,000.00

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