Counterfeiting Cases

Criminal charges related to counterfeiting can be related to the counterfeit currencies, financial tools, and even intellectual property items.

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The Impact of Counterfeiting Goods & Currencies

In our modern era, technology affords us a number of capabilities that weren’t available in days past, such as 3-D printing & product production, highly sophisticated digital printers, and a world-wide web for people to network in hidden markets where they may trade illegal wares.

The federal government is aware of this reality right along with state law enforcement, corporations, governments and other entities around the world who suffer damages related to counterfeit operations.

The counterfeiting of goods has a negative impact on business, jobs, governments, inflation, and are often mere components of larger organized criminal operations leading to federal charges in almost every case.

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Understanding Counterfeiting & Forgery Charges

Title 18 Chapter 25 of the U.S. Code defines, in detail, a number of situations and actions which could warrant criminal charges. Below, we’ve listed a number of offenses that are normally prosecuted by the Department of Justice.

  • Manufacture, Distribution, Possession of Counterfeit Money
  • Manufacture, Distribution, Possession of Counterfeit Credit Cards
  • Manufacture, Distribution, Possession of Tools Needed to Counterfeit (Such as Ink Dyes and Plates)
  • Manufacture, Distribution, Possession of Counterfeit Goods & Intellectual Properties
  • Trademark Counterfeiting
  • Falsified Public Documents
  • Altering VIN Numbers
  • Counterfeiting Stamps and Federal Seals
  • Creating fake checks or Money Orders
  • Counterfeiting Government and/or Military Documents
  • Conspiring with others to engage in the manufacture, distribution, or possession of counterfeit currencies, goods, or trademark infringing items.

Keep in mind that the sophistication, or more importantly, the lack thereof, of the counterfeit product is not a standard of prosecution, but the intent to deceive is.

In fact, prosecutors can not gain a conviction without proving you had knowledge of the counterfeit, and had the intent deceive or defraud using the counterfeit item as a tool of said action.

Criminal Penalties if Convicted

If a person is convicted of a crime related to counterfeiting and/or forgery in federal court, penalties can include a prison sentence of up to 20 years with a fine or fines of up to $250,000.00.

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