Internet Sex Crimes

There are a number of different sex related criminal offenses that can stem from trafficking the internet.

Houston internet sex crimes lawyerWhether it’s an offense involving the sexual exploitation of a child, or the promotion of prostitution, your best option is to retain legal representation immediately to avoid being prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Attorney Mark W. Bennett, a Houston based criminal-defense attorney, is always prepared to go to trial for his clients.

With a case like this, having a lawyer on your side that can humanize you in the face of jurors should be your top priority.

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Fight The Charge

Plea Bargaining on any form of sexual criminal charge is a no-go, unless you would like to register as a sex offender. Regardless of the circumstance leading to you being arrested for a sex crime on the internet, our legal team is ready to stand by your side.

Online Activities That May Lead to Criminal Charges

Below, we’ve listed circumstances commonly known to precede criminal charges related to sex offenses perpetrated online.

  • Viewing, downloading, sharing, or distributing child pornography.
  • Engaging in sexual charged exchanges with minors.
  • Planning to meet a minor for sex or other sexual related activity.
  • Promotion of prostitution and Prostitution.

Sex charges stemming from the internet are always prosecuted as felony offenses, and may be prosecuted by either the Department of Justice or by the State of Texas.

Potential Criminal Penalties

Harshly prosecuted in Texas, if you’re convicted of a sex crime using the internet you’ll be punished under 2nd Degree Felony guidelines which include a prison sentence ranging from 2-20 years, a fine of up to 10,000.00, and a lifetime sex offender registration requirement.

Serious offenses are prosecuted under 1st Degree Felony guidelines, which could net a life sentence.

Defending You

We have a number of potential defenses to deploy for you if you’re facing criminal charges of this nature. For example, you shouldn’t be prosecuted for simply having an image deemed to be child pornography on your electronic device.

Anyone could have put that image on your computer, or, you could have downloaded it by mistake, or inherited it by buying a used PC, or by having a questionable tech-expert repair or upgrade it.

Skilled defense attorneys know this.

Non-skilled defense attorneys may scare you with a “maximum sentence potential” in order to quickly close the case with a plea. Then have the nerve to chalk it up as a victory.

Attorney Mark W. Bennett doesn’t operate in this fashion. In fact, if you review our videos section, you’ll see Mark, in federal court, arguing a free-speech case which originated from suspicions of a sex crime.

The Last Attorney You’ll Need to Consult

Attorney Mark W. Bennett is a Board Certified® criminal law attorney, a distinction awarded by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, an organization ordered into existence by the Texas Supreme Court, and charged with certifying attorneys in 16 specific areas of law.

Mark is certified in criminal law.

With attorney Mark Bennett in your corner, you’ll know that you have one of the best Houston lawyers for criminal defense matters as your advocate, and not some jack-of-all-trades counselor.

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