High-Profile Cases

The So-Called “High-Profile” Lawyer

Some of our colleagues seem to think that people accused of crimes want their cases to be “high-profile.” They claim to “specialize” in high-profile cases.

We wonder why.

We don’t specialize in high-profile cases. Instead, we handle the most important case in the world: your case.

We’ve represented police officers, lawyers, businessmen, music stars and professional athletes in cases that could have (because of the clients’ identity) been big news, and we’ve never found that any of these people want their cases to be high-profile.

High-Profile Cases: The Bad News

They know the bad news about high-profile cases: in the current cultural climate, the presumption of innocence doesn’t get you very far. When the public sees your face on the news in connection with a crime, your jury panel has been poisoned. Almost everybody who hears that you’ve been accused of the crime is going to come to court assuming that you did it. The best thing to do in most high-profile cases is to counteract the negative publicity, and attempt to quiet things down – to make them “lower profile”.

High-Profile Cases: The Best News

The best news is that, while your case is the biggest news in your life and might make the newspaper in your community, the chances that your case will get more than a passing mention in the media are minuscule — one in tens of thousands (at best).

High-Profile Defendants Need Lawyers Too

Some cases do become high-profile, and someone has to handle these cases. We do so, but we will do everything in our power to keep your case from becoming fodder for the media.

When the client’s face starts appearing on the nightly news something has already gone seriously wrong with the defense. When it has happened on our cases, it’s usually been before we were brought aboard. The people who hire us would rather not have their cases make the news, so we do everything we can to cool the publicity down.

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