Homicide Cases

Criminal homicide in Texas comprises murder, capital murder, manslaughter, and criminally negligent homicide.

Bennett & Bennett is full service criminal defense law firm with a record of success litigating cases many thought were impossible or unwinnable. Every case is unique and the same is true of murder cases. Looking at the history of the Houston Police Department’s crime lab, it’s easy to see how common mistakes are made with evidence in criminal cases, and how often they can be willfully overlooked.

If you require an experienced criminal law attorney for a serious criminal case involving homicide, and you reside in or near the Houston area, call our office for help. Our phone number is 713-224-1747.

Capital Murder Charges

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Negligent Homicide & Manslaughter Cases

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Murder of a Public Servant

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Murder & Murder for Hire

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Law of Parties

A person can be charged with homicide as a party if he aided or encouraged the commission of the offense and had the mental state required for the commission of the offense. So it is not only the person who actually causes the death who gets charged with murder, but all whom the State thinks somehow helped him. Combining this (“The Law of Parties”) with the felony-murder rule, we get to the point where a person can be charged with capital murder even though he did not directly cause a death and did not intend for anyone to die.

If you are accused of causing someone’s death, whether as a party or a principle, whether murder, nondeath capital, manslaughter, or criminally negligent homicide, and you need to retain expert counsel, call Bennett & Bennett at 713-224-1747.

The Felony Murder Rule

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