Murder & Murder for Hire

In Houston, murder-for-hire plots and cases involving attempts to hire hit-men are as common as they are in any other major city in the U.S.

With Texas being among the states that take a hard-line against violent crimes, it’s best to seek qualified legal counsel when encumbered by murder charges. This “hard-line” is evident by life sentencing on some aggravated assault cases, and the option of the death penalty being available to prosecutors who are litigating capital cases.

If you’re subject to murder charges in Houston, or know someone who is, you’ll need a smart, experienced attorney on your side for the best chance of a great outcome.

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Understanding Murder Charges in Texas

Murder is defined by Texas law as:

  1. intentionally or knowingly causing someone’s death;
  2. intending to cause serious bodily injury and committing an act clearly dangerous to human life that causes someone death; or
  3. felony murder.

Murder is classified as a first-degree felony offense in the state of Texas. If convicted of the charge, there is the potential for a sentence of life in prison, or if there are aggravating factors, death.

If the defendant, after being convicted of murder, can show that he caused the death “under the immediate influence of sudden passion arising from an adequate cause,” it lowers the penalty to second-degree-felony range, or a maximum of twenty years in prison.

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Murder, Hit Men & Murder for Hire

It’s not uncommon to turn on the evening news and hear reports of a high-profile case involving a murder-for-hire plot in Houston. If a homicide occurred, the charge would be handled as a capital murder case due to the aggravated nature of the crime, and the intent of multiple parties to commit a felony.

More often than not, people are falsely arrested for saying things they didn’t mean, making threats they didn’t intend to carry out, or mouthing off in frustration to people they think they can trust. Only to find out the police have a recording of every word they said.

A determination of whether recorded statements represent a criminal-act, or not, may be subjective, but could be grounds pursue charges on the basis of an attempt to commit murder in the eyes of Houston homicide detectives.

If you’re being investigated for murder, or if you were interrogated by detectives from the Houston Police Department or Harris County Sheriff’s Office, you’ll need a lawyer on your side.

Facing Murder Charges in Houston, TX?

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