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The Civil Appeals Process

Time Is Of The Essence

Whether you’re defending a just civil judgment or attacking an unjust one on appeal, you need competent appellate counsel on your side.

How soon?

Most trial lawyers do not handle appeals, and while trial counsel can easily enough file a notice of appeal, there may be issues that need to be preserved immediately by the appellant’s appellate counsel (or counteracted by the appellee’s appellate counsel). Houston Civil appeals Lawyer

Often a court of appeals will order the parties to an appeal to go to mediation; you have ten days to decide whether to object to the mediation.

The side that is appealing (“appellant”) generally wants mediation; the side that is defending against the appeal (“appellee”) generally does not. However, it’s helpful for the appellee’s lawyer to have some idea how viable the appeal is before acquiescing to mediation, and it is critical for the appellee’s lawyer to have a good idea how viable the appeal is before mediating the case.

Courts of appeals run on deadlines, even more in civil cases than in criminal cases.  It is crucial for your appellate counsel to know what to file when, and to spot the mistakes that the other side makes.

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