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When family life meets the legal system complications are sure to be a part of the equation. When complications beg to be addressed or need to be redressed, the are options available to you.

If the family court did you wrong on termination, custody, visitation, child support, property division, or any other aspect of a judgment, that’s not the end of the road: You may have a chance on appeal.

That’s the good news.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the corresponding bad news is that if the family court did you right on any aspect of a judgment, that’s not the end of the road either.

Whether you won in the trial court and the other side is appealing, you lost in the trial court and you need to appeal, or the trial court issued a split decision and you’re not sure whether to appeal, you need competent appellate counsel on your side.

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Getting to Know the Bennett & Bennett

Houston family appeals lawyerSince 1995, Attorneys Mark W. Bennett and Jennifer Bennett have operated the Bennett & Bennett law firm with a high level of excellent and an appreciation for ethics. If you’re in need of legal counsel for family cases that should be heard at the Harris County Family Law Center don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

At Bennett & Bennett, our legal team brings the skills you’ll need on your side if you’re to have the best chance for a positive resolution.

Although it’s difficult to win reversals, it’s even tougher if when an attorney who doesn’t understand the unforgiving nature of the courts when nuanced procedural processes are improperly executed is handling the case. If your appeal is mishandled, it can cost you. Even if you’re interested in pursuing an appeal related to CPS (Child Protective Services), a mistake in the filing procedure can stunt your appeal before it’s heard.

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