Robbery & Aggravated Robbery

Robbery is a serious theft offense in Texas, which is always prosecuted as a felonious crime. Depending on the severity of the offense, the use of weapons or firearms, and whether or not anyone was injured, the charge will carry the aggravation enhancement.

Being “accused” of robbery doesn’t mean your rights don’t matter nor should it imply guilt.

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Robberies & Texas Law

Texas law defines “Robbery” as a theft with aggravating factors. Not to be confused with aggravated robbery, robberies are thefts with the added aspect of environmental influence and/or control.

A simple theft can be enhanced to robbery if a person snatched an item owned by another (think shoplifting), ran away, but bumped into someone during their escape. 

That “bump” could be considered an assaultive offense, thereby escalating a simple theft to a robbery due to the offender’s influence on the environment.

Obviously when we think of robberies we may have mental images of a gun waving bandit demanding cash in a store or bank robbery attempt. Well, bank robbery is a federal enhancement applied to the crime of  “aggravated robbery” when applied to federally insured financial institutions.

The store robbery model better fits our purpose for an example of “Aggravated Robbery” under Texas Law.

Aggravated Robbery & Texas Law

Houston Robbery Charge LawyerTexas law defines the crime of “Aggravated Robbery” as robbery with the added component of a threat, bodily harm, the exhibition of a weapon, and/or if the victim of the robbery was a disabled, a child, or otherwise incapable of resisting the robbery.

A seemingly simple theft can be enhanced to aggravated robbery if a person forcibly took an item they didn’t own from another person against that person’s wishes under the pretense of a threat of bodily harm, the fear of bodily harm via an implied threat (brandishing a weapon or being in superior physical condition), or if they “accidentally”, or otherwise, injured a person during the commission of the crime or the escape from the scene thereof.

In short, “Aggravated Robbery” carries the component of violence.

Criminal Penalties If Convicted


Man in JailRobbery is a 2nd Degree Felony in the state of Texas. If convicted, the criminal penalty includes a prison sentence of 2-20 years and a fine of up to $10,000.00.

Aggravated Robberies

Aggravated Robbery is a 1st Degree Felony in the state of Texas. If convicted, the criminal penalty includes a prison sentence ranging from 5-99 years with fine of up to $10,000.00.

Accused of Robbery in Houston, TX?

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