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Top Houston Criminal LawyersBennett & Bennett are a husband-and-wife team of Houston criminal-defense lawyers representing people charged with serious crimes, misdemeanors and felonies, in state and federal courts since 1995.

If you need to talk with an attorney about a difficult criminal case being heard in the Houston area, contact our legal team at 713-224-1747.

Bennett & Bennett, Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyers
917 Franklin St FL 4, Houston, TX 77002
PHONE: 713-224-1747

While our office is in downtown Houston near the Harris County criminal courthouse, we also help people in Fort Bend County and elsewhere.

What Makes “The Best” Criminal-Defense Lawyers The Best?

This is a question that we have pondered in depth in our mission to be among the best. What we have concluded is that there is no best lawyer. Even among the top lawyers, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. There is, however, a best lawyer for your case.

We want to help you find that best lawyer for your case, whether it is Bennett & Bennett or not.

How do you choose the best criminal-defense lawyer for your case?

If you haven’t already chosen Bennett & Bennett, we hope that the extensive information on this site will help you choose the lawyer who is best for you. What a lawyer believes can be as important as what he knows. The Houston Chronicle describes Mark as a “philosopher/criminal defense attorney.”

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We Believe

  • That there is no higher calling for a lawyer than to defend people accused of crimes.
  • That everybody deserves an aggressive defense.
  • That the government should be forced to work if it wants to put a person in jail.
  • That the right to a trial by jury is a valuable thing that should not be given up lightly.
  • That there is no such thing as a hopeless case.
  • That a defendant is best served by a lawyer who is prepared, and willing, to try his case.

Attorney Mark Bennett

This is not to say that what a lawyer knows is unimportant. Mark and Jennifer are both graduates of University of Houston Law Center. Mark has been practicing criminal-defense law since 1995; Jennifer joined him in 1997. In 1999 Mark spent five weeks training at the Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming. Since then he has spent hundreds of hours studying and training, not only in the law but also in fields such as improv, psychodrama, and hypnosis, to be a better lawyer.

Jennifer brings her previous experience in family law, probate, real estate law, banking, and commercial litigation to the criminal forum, enabling her to approach each case with a wide lens. Jennifer works mostly behind-the-scenes, working with Mark to ensure that each case is handled with best of care. If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer in Houston, call us at 713-224-1747.

Attorney Mark Bennett Is…

  • Board Certified® in criminal law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.
  • Peer reviewed AV-Preeminent by Martindale-Hubbell.
  • A past president, four-time past vice president, and board member of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association.
  • A Top Rated Houston Criminal Defense Attorney Per AVVO.
  • A frequent invitee to criminal-defense lawyers’ groups to teach topics from jury selection to opening statements to ethics to closing argument.
  • Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association’s 2015 Lawyer of the Year.
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association’s 2015 Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year.
  • The head of the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association Strike Force, protecting other criminal-defense lawyers from judges.


Peer Rated for Highest Level of Professional Excellence

Top Lawyer, Per Avvo

Press Mentions

Reviews of Mark’s Lawyering Abilities

Houstonia Magazine has listed Mark a “Top Lawyer“; the truth of that list of top lawyers is that it is based on Avvo ratings, and it’s not really difficult for a lawyer to get the top 10/10 rating from Avvo. Likewise, Mark has been listed as a “Super Lawyer” since 2012, but the method by which Super Lawyers are selected is questionable. Martindale-Hubbell peer-review ratings are a better indicator of reputation in the legal community. Better still are the things other lawyers say in public about a lawyer.

Mark is, however, most proud of the many great client reviews (73 and counting on Avvo) he gets from clients who he has helped with their criminal cases. Please check out the Videos of Mark in Action.

Full-Service Legal Representation

We’ve represented people successfully on cases from shoplifting to murder, including many drug conspiracy cases in Texas state courts and federal courts nationwide. This site includes a listing of some exceptional results from our criminal-defense efforts.

On these and other pages, you’ll find information about criminal law, generally, and about specific types of crimes. Learn More: What to Expect from Your Criminal Case

A well-educated defendant is more likely to choose the best lawyer for his case, so we’ve tried to make this site as informative as possible. If you’d like to contact us about anything on the site, if you have any questions that we haven’t answered here, or if you want to discuss the possibility of retaining us to defend a criminal case, our contact information, including email, telephone, and physical address, is a click away; Contact Us.

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Our Legal Team Will Focus on Your Case

Low-Volume, High-Quality Legal Representation

Would you rather have a lawyer who was actively working on fifty other cases, or fifteen?

At Bennett & Bennett, we generally do not have more than a dozen active clients at a time. This allows us to spend the time on each case that each case requires. It also allows us to choose to represent those who need us most or whose cases are most interesting.

Mark handles each case personally. There is no delegation of responsibility to less-experienced associates (or even to secretaries). By limiting the number of clients we accept and handling each case personally, we are able to provide service of much higher quality than if we were to have a high-volume practice.

Come See Us Last

You may be here because you’re looking for a criminal-defense lawyer for yourself or for a loved one. You were probably referred to Bennett & Bennett by a grateful former client of ours, or by another lawyer familiar with our expertise. Either you’ve already decided that you are going to retain us, and want to know more about us before we meet, or you have not yet decided that you are going to retain us, and you are contrasting us with other lawyers.

Between this site and Mark’s blog, we’ve made a vast amount of information about the criminal-justice system available to you. We appreciate that this might be an overwhelming amount of free information, but we prefer our clients well informed.

The more you know, the more we can help you.

We’ve included Videos of Mark in Action for you to watch so you can get to know Attorney Mark Bennett as a professional.

We encourage you to meet with us in person before you decide to retain the services of our law firm.

You might want to meet with other lawyers who handle criminal cases in Houston as well — that will provide you with information, and the more information you have, the better. Meet with as many as you can stand to.

Then come see us last.

Get to Know Attorney Mark W. Bennett

We’ve included Videos of Mark in Action for you to watch so you can get to know Attorney Mark Bennett as a professional. We encourage you to meet with us in person before you decide to retain the services of our law firm. You might want to meet with other lawyers who handle criminal cases in Houston as well — that will provide you with information, and the more information you have, the better. Meet with as many as you can stand to. Then come see us last.

“Come see us last?” Doesn’t everyone say “come see us first”?

Top Priority Matters Require Your Best Decision

Because you have read this far, by now it is clear to you that we aren’t “everyone.” We don’t want you making this decision (one of the most important in your life) based on limited information when it is best to gather as much information as possible.

The more lawyers you can stand to talk to, the more information you’ll have. The more information you have, the better judge you’ll be of who knows his stuff, and who doesn’t; of who is telling you the truth, and who is telling you what you want to hear; of who will listen to you, and who is too in love with the sound of his own voice.

There are many great criminal-defense lawyers in Houston. We are comfortable that we compare favorably to any of them. We know our stuff, we’ll tell you the truth, and we will listen to you (though AttorneyMark Bennett does enjoy the sound of his own voice). If you met with a handful of lawyers, then came to see us and decided that we weren’t right for your case, then we’d be happy too because we’ve helped you pick the lawyer who was best for your case.

We want to take your case only if we are the right lawyers for it.

Isn’t it Best To Hire An Attorney Quickly?

What about urgency? Don’t I need to hire an attorney right away?

Eh, probably not. Another day or two is usually not going to make or break the defense of a criminal case. High-pressure sales pitches have no place in criminal-defense lawyering. If a lawyer makes you feel that you have to hire him right now, consider whether he’s creating pressure — pressure that you don’t need, since you’re already dealing with the government trying to put you or a loved one in a box — just to get hired, or whether you can take a little more time to make sure you choose the lawyer who will do the best job.

Our Criminal Law Practice

A large part of our practice involves the defense of people charged with narcotic-related offenses.

We represent people charged with federal crimes in Houston and elsewhere in the United States.

The bulk of our practice involves defending Texans accused of felony offenses.

As longtime appellate attorneys in Houston, we handle complex cases in the Texas Courts of Appeals.

Facing criminal charges for a sex-related crime in Houston? Defend your reputation immediately.

We take select misdemeanor cases, treating them as seriously as we treat felonies.

Reviews & Testimonials

  • I had the unfortunate experience of being arrested on felony of impeding the breath of a family member. After research, my family employed the services of Mark Bennett who got the charges dismissed.

    When you have a serious charge like this, you need the best and I recommend Mark Bennett.


  • He is the best I ever seen and had…mark puts his all into his work!! He will be on time to court and let you know what’s going on and will fight to the end…He will never sell a person out like plenty other lawyers I know…he will be by you’re side like a father would be by his son.


  • …If you are in the position of retaining legal counsel, do not do so without consulting with Mark first….


  • …If you are looking for a brilliant, determined, and respectful defense attorney who will fight for you hire Mark Bennett….


  • Mr. Bennett is an excellent defense attorney who is very knowledgeable and established in the Federal justice system. He makes himself available to his clients day and night and has a genuine interest in your case. I am extremely pleased with the the legal service I received from Mark Bennett.


  • Mark handled my case of a misdemeanor possession of marijuana and he was able to have it dismissed by the judge. He was always very professional and would always answer any questions I had along the way. I trust him and his work ethic and would recommend him to anyone needing legal help.


  • Mark won my case. I could emailed him at 10pm at night and he would answer my email within minutes. Honestly, I don’t think that man sleeps…LOL! Even a year after my case, I can email him with a question and he will answer it. If I ever needed a lawyer again, then he will be the 1st person I call.


Eight of the Best Houston Criminal-Defense Lawyers

Who is the best criminal-defense trial lawyer in Houston? I suspect that if you asked a hundred of my colleagues, a few would humbly name someone else, but the vast majority of them would identify themselves as the best Houston criminal defense lawyer. I hate to sound cynical, but still: Especially if they thought there was a buck in it for them. And they might actually believe it.

This is not necessarily unhealthy—trying criminal cases is not an occupation for those with weak egos—but the truth is, as always, more complicated. And we are here for no other reason than to give you the truth.

The truth is that Houston is fortunate to have a large community of great criminal-defense lawyers; the top Houston lawyers compare favorably to lawyers anywhere else in the United States (or the known Universe, for that matter). But there is no one “best” criminal-defense lawyer in Houston or elsewhere. There is a best lawyer for your case, but the best lawyer for that case wouldn’t be the best lawyer for another person, or even necessarily for another accusation against you.

The trick is finding the lawyer who will be best for your case. That is all that matters.

At Bennett & Bennett we don’t see our colleagues as “competition.” We are not desperate for business, and we know that the better informed the clients, the better for the clients, and for us (instead of “come see us first,” we like to say Come see us last.).

With all of that in mind, we present here links to ten other Houston criminal-defense lawyers’ Avvo pages. The lawyers presented are all very different — different practice niches, different personalities, different strengths, different weaknesses — but all are among the best. You can’t go wrong with any of them. I have referred clients to all of them, and I wouldn’t refer a client to someone who I didn’t know was up to the job (links open in new window):

There are many great Houston lawyers not on this short list. The city is crawling with criminal-defense talent. We’ve had several generations of great leadership (at least since Percy Foreman), each inspiring the next generation to be the best. We’ve also historically had a strong District Attorney’s Office, and iron sharpens iron. You can find Houston criminal-defense lawyers trying criminal cases across the country and, indeed, around the world (several of the lawyers representing the accused in war-crimes tribunals in the Hague and Arausha, Tanzania, are Houstonians).

One of our colleagues thought this was a link exchange. If you follow the links, you will see that it is not. But it’s understandable that other criminal-defense lawyers would assume that there is some reciprocality going on here, rather than generosity to the client. After all, how many criminal-defense lawyers are confident enough to encourage you to shop around? (If you talk with Norm or Neal or Bill or Tyrone or Jay or Mark or Jed or Grant, please ask them why they aren’t.)